Mystic Christianity or The Inner Teachings of the Master

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A book on the mystery of Christ from his life to teaching and to death in the eyes of a Yogi.

Readers will find a new meaning to Christs missions on earth, the mysticism surrounding him and how Christians can imitate him in their quest for perfection.

The writer traces the genealogy of Christ, his birth, his mission on earth and finally his death.

He provides commentary on key New Testament figures like John the Baptist, the Essenes and Pharisees, etc and draws new conclusions about their roles in the mission of Christ.

Here is what you will discover inside...

★ The Coming of the Master
★ The Mystery of the Virgin Birth
★ The Mystic Youth of Jesus
★ The Beginning of the Ministry
★ The Foundation of the Work
★ The Work of Organization
★ The Beginning of the End
★ The End of the Life Work
★ The Inner Teachings
★ The Secret Doctrine
★ The Ancient Wisdom
★ The Message of the Master

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